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МаниМани – социальная сеть, которая платит своим пользователям


A social network that pays its users.

On the Internet you can find a lot of social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, etc. In these networks, people listen to music, meet, communicate, watch pictures and just relax after work. However, consider whether you have ever met a social network that pays you money? Surely not. It is this moment that distinguishes our project from most others. We are ready to pay you for participation and development. We will help you realize yourself and build a new communication format. ManiMoney is a new progressive and growing social network with the possibility of affordable earnings for each of its members.

Development and Promotion

  • A special reward system was developed for the development of our social network. Here you can not only develop, communicate and get acquainted. Here you can earn. MoneyMoney is a site that pays its users

Prizes. Stocks VIP - 50%

  • New Activity Contest. The main prizes will be:
    1. 200.000 rubles 2. 100,000 rubles
    3. 50,000 rubles.
    Also we remind that prizes can be received by those users who have not yet joined the activity program. At the time of the contest the cost of connecting VIP - 500r.
    Details in the official group

The future is in your hands!

  • In our social network ManiMany, you can bring to life any dreams and undertakings. Develop your business, find friends, earn extra money or just enjoy good and high-quality content. It all depends on you.
A new social network, ManiMoney, was created for you, where each participant can influence the project, develop his idea and realize his desires. Our world is bright and many-sided, here you can show your uniqueness and you will be interesting to others. Any area can develop in our social network. Sport? Creation? Career? Money and travel? Charity? Hobby or work? You choose and determine the development, because it is here you will find all the necessary tools for this.
Our social network depends on you. You decide how it will develop, and who you will become in it. Want to change the world for the better? Do business? Just chatting with friends or listening to your favorite music? The choice is yours. In our social network, you can surround yourself with a large number of friends, become a wealthy person, increase your level of education and intellectual value, and find an opportunity for self-expression.
ManiMoney is the social network of the future, where everyone can find exactly what he wants. This is a social network that develops thanks to each of its members, because everyone can change the world for the better. Together we can do a lot. It's up to you.
Our project is based on the wishes of users, we do not care about advertising or earnings. On the contrary, we care about our every participant, about his interests, desires and directions in which he wants to develop. We provide all the necessary tools. We are looking for motivated, active people and are ready to reward and support them in every way in any endeavor. Talented managers, successful sales people, experienced advertisers, and just people who really want to develop and realize themselves, those for whom the social network is not a phone replacement, but a full-fledged world. We are waiting for everyone.
Many new friends
Prizes, gifts, draws
Dream Incarnation
Money, rewards from the site
Recognition and self-realization

Are you ready for a new format of communication?
Yes, I am ready!

VIP status benefits

Below will be described the step-by-step instructions for obtaining VIP-status, as well as the transfer of privileges.

1. "Check in"

First of all, you need to register, of course, for this you only need E-mail!
After registration, try to make your profile as beautiful as possible, namely: add a profile photo and a cover, indicate your name, country, city, date of birth. Make it so interesting for people to browse your page. This will at least increase your rating on the site.

2. "Getting VIP"

After you have weighed all the pros and cons, and made the right decision, join the affiliate program. Open the "Settings" tab in your profile, and follow the simple instructions to activate (pay for) VIP status. After this simple procedure, new opportunities will open up for you, and your unique affiliate link will be available (I will tell you more about this in more detail).

3. "Privilege"

After you have made the right choices and received VIP status, you will have the opportunity to upload your audio / video materials, as well as you can create groups, invite your friends to them, share your thoughts with thousands of users, download content, publish music, make your band the most popular.

4. "Referral link"

Creating groups is good, of course! But having received your referral link, you can use it to invite your friends, comrades, girlfriends, classmates, colleagues, and just not familiar people to the site.
"Why do I need this?" - you ask.
Yes, everything is simple, for each user who clicks your link, signs up and activates a VIP, you will receive real money! Interesting? Read on in the next block ....

5. "Affiliate program"

700 rub. It is deducted to you immediately after the person you invited activates VIP-status.
150 rub. get members whose places in the affiliate structure are on the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth levels above you.
250 rub. comes to the account of the participant who is at the seventh level of the partner structure.
300 - formation of a prize fund for the best participants of the project.

6. "Maximum convenience"

All funds are transferred to the internal balance, which you can withdraw without limiting the amount of funds and transactions per day, any number and any time.
Activation of the VIP-status, as well as withdrawal of money from the site, takes place through the payment system Payeer, which involves more than 150 methods of replenishment and more than 30 ways of withdrawing money from the Payeer wallet at any time of the day. It is very convenient. It's time for you to see this for yourself!